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Osteoarthritis: treatment options

When dealing with osteoarthritis in the knee, surgery becomes a consideration when conservative treatments like medications, physical therapy, and lifestyle changes no longer provide relief. However, before jumping into knee surgery, exploring alternatives is crucial.

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Velys Knee Robot versus other Robots in Knee Surgery

The field of robotics in knee surgery has seen significant advancements, with the Velys Knee Robot emerging as a groundbreaking technology poised to revolutionize the landscape. This article aims to delve into the nuances of the Velys Knee Robot and compare it with other robots used in knee surgeries.

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Functional Training will help you.

Functional training has emerged as a cornerstone in the realm of fitness, challenging traditional workout methods by prioritizing movement patterns and exercises that mimic real-life activities. This approach aims to enhance overall functionality, improve strength, stability, mobility, and flexibility to better equip individuals for their daily tasks and activities.

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VELYS®-: Spitzentechnologie & Innovation für ein neues Level der Versorgung von Kniepatienten

Velys der neue Knie-Roboter für die Durchführung einer Knietotalprothese

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Glaubst du an die Physiotherapie? Wir schon!

Ja, wir glauben an die Wirksamkeit der Physiotherapie.

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Total Knee Arthroplasty using Knee Surgery Robot versus Manual Technique:

The use of a knee surgery robot versus manual techniques involves several considerations. Robots in surgery have gained attention due to their potential precision, but both methods have their advantages and limitations.

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Knee arthritis = knee prosthesis?

They are dynamic, active, in their best age! But every now and then when exercising, your knee pinches. But not because of osteoarthritis? In fact, you do not yet see yourself as wearing a prosthesis.

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Stretching (German stretching, stretching gymnastics) is a stretchy term. However, “stretching” is usually understood as a possible method to improve mobility. This involves bringing the muscle group to be stretched while flexing or stretching the adjacent joints.

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Swiss Functional Fitness Swiss Championships

The competition on 08.06.2019 was a resounding success. Thanks again to the organizers and the athletes for the great performances and the good entertainment! We are looking forward to the next event.

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Functional Rehabilitation Program

A rehabilitation and treatment program in collaboration with the sports orthopedics practice Aklin, ALL IN physiotherapy and CrossFit Bern.

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Sports medicine and performance tests

We are pleased to finally be able to offer performance tests in the Aklin practice. These examinations and consultations are carried out in the Aklin practice by Roger Vogel, certified trainer of elite sport and sports medicine specialist.

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Meet ROSA, the robot-assisted surgical assistant

The ROSA Knee System gives your surgeon even greater accuracy1 to ensure that your knee replacement fits and functions as precisely as possible.

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