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VELYS®-: Spitzentechnologie & Innovation für ein neues Level der Versorgung von Kniepatienten

Velys der neue Knie-Roboter für die Durchführung einer Knietotalprothese

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Functional Training will help you.

Functional training has emerged as a cornerstone in the realm of fitness, challenging traditional workout methods by prioritizing movement patterns and exercises that mimic real-life activities. This approach aims to enhance overall functionality, improve strength, stability, mobility, and flexibility to better equip individuals for their daily tasks and activities.

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Velys Knee Robot versus other Robots in Knee Surgery

The field of robotics in knee surgery has seen significant advancements, with the Velys Knee Robot emerging as a groundbreaking technology poised to revolutionize the landscape. This article aims to delve into the nuances of the Velys Knee Robot and compare it with other robots used in knee surgeries.

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Osteoarthritis: treatment options

When dealing with osteoarthritis in the knee, surgery becomes a consideration when conservative treatments like medications, physical therapy, and lifestyle changes no longer provide relief. However, before jumping into knee surgery, exploring alternatives is crucial.

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These are our values

Personalized treatment

You will receive a completely individualized treatment.

Licensed therapists

Your treatment will only be provided by licensed therapists.

Experienced employees

Our employees have many years of experience - just the right thing for individual treatment

Interdisciplinary collaboration

We work closely with other specialists. Discussion of therapy in a team. Comprehensive physiotherapy is integrated into practice.

Treatment goals

Setting goals is the best way to achieve a successful outcome.